Quality hair cut, styled with reuzel product, and completed with a straight razor line up and hot towel if requested. (30 minutes)


Beard Detail

Hot towel beard cleanse, beard trimming to your preference, outlining with a straight razor, finishing the look with our locally made beard oils and balms. (30 minutes)


Haircut & Beard Detail

Discount price by getting both services. (45 minutes)


Hot Towel Shave

Traditional hot towel cleanse with a precision straight shave. (45 minutes)


Haircut & Hot Towel Shave

Discount price with both services. (60 minutes)


Head Straight Shave

Head shaved with a straight razor. (45 minutes)


Head & Face Shave

Hot towel shave on head and face done with straight razor. (60 minutes)


Beard Trim

More basic beard clean up then the beard detail. Shortening and shaping of the beard and outlined with a trimmer or straight blade. (10 minutes)


Buzz Cut

One clipper guard length through out. (15 minutes)


Senior’s Cut

Precision hair cut, finishing off with reuzel hair product and a straight blade line up if you so choose. (30 minutes)


Kid’s Cut

Tailored kid’s cut (30 minutes)


Line Up

Around the ears and neck line only. By trimmers and/or straight blade. (5 minutes)


Hair Tattoos

Designs shaved into the hair cut. (10 minutes)

Cost varies

Facial Wax

Eye brow waxing Nose Hair. (10 minutes)

$2 – $10

Nose Wax

Waxing of the hairs that are visible inside of the nose. (2 minutes)


Fleet Street Products

Beard oils, balms, waxes and conditioners

$18 – $32

REUZEL Products

Reuzel hair products Created by barbers, used by gentlemen

$11 – $40